Private cookery lessons, to learn the local cooking with a professional cook



Looking at the lake, turning round to admire the surrounding hills and mountains… This is the panoramic and enchanting landscape of Lake Garda. The lake is well known for its rich, variegated gastronomic culture and its production of exceptional, complementary wines and for this reason we have decided to present to you a cookery course so that you can enjoy at your home the tastes of Garda. Our proposal is based on the historic traditions of our area; that means on our cooking. We are passionate cooks; we cook for our friends and special people and our passion is unavoidably based on emotions.

Every dish is a new challenge. There are thoughts behind every gesture, an idea behind every ingredient we add. Sometimes little details as “put less salt or add more oil” are enough; other times we have to prepare for particular events, so we make an extra effort and we add love and special techniques - we like to call them tricks - to get our meals ready. Each time the result is different, it may not be perfect but it is always a dish made with reflection, full of quality.

We are proposing to you a typical lake menu that aims at the rediscovery of the products of our past which we now present in a modern form. The gentle climate of Lake Garda facilitates the rich cultivation of fruit and vegetables nearly the whole year long. The traditional fruits that you can find in restaurants are plums, apples, and pears of unmistakable taste; in addition there are figs, grapes, strawberries, lemons, blueberries and raspberries. Do not forget our lemon groves, made of stone and wood, which are part of the historical and architectural inheritance of Lake Garda and which testify to a past of hard work and fatigue. Every meal is enriched by the wines of our area. We hope you are excited by our offer, as excited as we were in preparing it for you, our dear Guests.

Our offer concerns the preparation of a complete menu, from starter to dessert, with typical products of  Lake Garda. The lesson will start in the afternoon. Preparation and taste of the dishes on the panoramic terrace “Belvedere dell’Angelo”. Local quality wines combined to the dishes. End of the lesson in the evening with the granting of the certificate of attendance. A translator will be at your disposal. Prices on demand. For further information please contact us here or send a mail to